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Mon, Jun

"The Tao of Twitter" by Mark W. Schaefer. 96 pages. Published by Create Space, a division of Amazon Publishing (2011).

Book Review

The language of Twitter can be confusing to someone who is new to “tweeting,” with the use of terms such as hashtagsretweets, and followers. In his book “The Tao of Twitter” author Mark W. Schaefer (@markwschaefer) makes it easier to get started on the popular micro-blogging site. With over 100 million tweets sent per day, the power of Twitter simply cannot be ignored.

This book touches on how the social media site is about building relationships and making connections. Schaefer tells a story about how his tweet of “Go Steelers!” led, through follow-up communication, to creating a new business venture. He writes in a manner that even the most novice Twitter user can understand.

Facebook is great for connecting with old friends and for sharing bits of information. Pinterest continues to grow in its popularity. Google+ is still trying to gain steam. However, Twitter has the most up-side when it comes to obtaining information, following news as it develops, and creating content to share with the public. If Flyers goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov can tap into Twitter to connect with fans, even the most casual user should be able to see its benefit.  Check out “Tao of Twitter” and get tweeting....

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