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Issue 6 | Education Edition

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Dear Reader:

Happy Spring!

We are pleased to bring you our Winter/Spring edition of the Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal (PSIJ), the Philadelphia region’s own social impact journal. This first in our new theme-based editions focuses on innovations in education—some that you may know about and others that may be new to you—as described by more than 50 local, regional and national authors/experts.

PSIJ shift 2011–2013: As we celebrate the arrival of Spring, we want to share what we have in store for 2011 and beyond. With an ever-growing readership and more than 8,000 subscriptions, 5,000 daily website visits, and feedback from our readers and advisory board, we’ve determined that the time is right to make PSIJ’s main editions more theme-based, addressing some of the most pressing social issues facing our region. Our main editions will still include What WorksNominated Innovations and Leadership Profile sections, which will feature broader social impact issues in our community and beyond. The Spring/Summer and Summer/Fall theme editions will be focused on community impact, social entrepreneurs, generational leadership and health innovations. Potential future themes include arts and culture, food distribution and consumption, energy, and violence.

Continued focus on our volunteers: If you read PSIJ regularly, you know we are primarily volunteer-based. More than 80 volunteers write for the Journal and help plan and coordinate events and seminars. We are always looking for more volunteers, and you have an open invitation to join us! There is a role for all of you—and the Journal is only as good as it gets with your support.

Increased partnership with universities and foundations: PSIJ partners with the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice, Wharton and the Fels Institute of Government. Temple, Drexel and La Salle students also write for the Journal on a regular basis. We strongly believe that students are the social innovation heartbeat of our region, and we welcome new and expanded university partnerships. The Fels Institute of Government has created a summer course on innovations that is tied to PSIJ.

We also welcome Wells Fargo and Inglis Foundation to our advisory board, which is composed of Independence Foundation, The Philadelphia Foundation, United Way of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Scattergood Foundation, St. Christopher’s Foundation for Children, Green Tree Community Health Foundation, William Penn Foundation, the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice and the Wharton School, and Sage Communications. We also are in conversations with many other regional foundations.

We hope you’ll enjoy this edition of the Journal—and wish you all a great Spring.

Very truly yours,

Tine Hansen-Turton, Co-Founder
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Nicholas Torres, Co-Founder
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Issue 6 | Disruptive Innovations