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Issue 29 | Fall 2016

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Dear Reader,

The public and social sector is changing. To innovate and try new programs and approaches to social sector issues, the public, as well as leaders in government, social impact and mission-aligned investors are demanding new data-driven and evidence-informed social models that are cost-effective, financially self-sustainable, adaptive to feedback and metrics, with clear outcome accountability measures, and the potential for large-scale impact and systems/policy influence.  As the government changes its approach to innovation, what does that mean to you whether individually or within your organization?
For this 29th Edition and Launch event on public sector innovations, the SIJ and edition sponsor Scattergood Foundation has joined forces with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, City of Philadelphia, Department of Human Services, Department of Community Behavioral Health, and the University of Pennsylvania Fels Institute of Government, to look at how the public sector innovates through the use of data. At the edition launch event, businesses, government, nonprofit experts, academics and leading social innovation practitioners will come together to share innovations in local and regional government. When reading this edition and attending the launch, participants will learn “the secret sauce” of how public data is and can be used to innovate within the public sector and what it takes to innovate and partner in and with government. 

Very truly yours,

Nicholas Torres, Co-Founder
Tine Hansen-Turton, Co-Founder