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Issue 33 | Chicago's Social Innovations, Enterprise, and Public/Private Partnerships

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Dear Reader,

The Social Innovations Journal believes that the potential for good ideas to inspire more good ideas cannot be underestimated. The value that entrepreneurs and innovators bring to local communities and regions across the nation is often, to our collective societal detriment, overlooked.  

The Social Innovations Journal believes one solution to this is to DEVELOP REGIONAL SOCIAL INNOVATION ECOSYSTEMS by sourcing/publishing regional social innovations and hosting regional social innovation symposiums.  For this reason The Social Innovations Journal has joined forces with the Chicago Public Library, Forefront, The Law Offices of Marc J. Lane, and BYN Mellon to publish a Special Edition highlighting CHICAGO’S SOCIAL INNOVATIONS, ENTERPRISE, AND PUBLIC/PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS.   This edition and symposium will showcase Chicago’s most innovative solutions to solve society’s toughest problems. 

Across the globe and in Chicago, there has been a rapid rise globally in the number of social sector innovators and entrepreneurs who want to find innovative ways to solve or “move the needle” on society’s problems, and they are increasingly deploying the methods of business and private capital if that helps them to do so. They include people in the social sector who can now tap the markets for finance in addition to seeking grants from donors, and philanthropists who are willing to fund innovative ideas and businesses driven by social entrepreneurs and social sector organizations if they offer a greater likelihood of achieving the social impact they desire. The force capable of driving a social sector revolution is Chicago’s social innovation, enterprise, and partnerships that harness innovation, entrepreneurship, partnerships and capital to power social impact. 

We hope this edition will achieve our mission to inspire leaders and organizations to dream; create the space for leaders to tap into their own creativity to innovate; endow leaders with the tools and knowledge to launch and grow their ideas; challenge leaders to become better versions of themselves; and transform leaders and their companies. 

Yours in Innovation,

Nicholas Torres, Co-Founder
Tine Hansen-Turton, Co-Founder 

Issue 33 | Disruptive Innovations